1 day ago

Your Final Laps of Kryon Bot Camp

Dear Bot Camper,

We are approaching the final laps of Kryon Bot Camp. The finish line is almost in sight with only 8 days left to submit your Wizards!

Will the sweet taste of victory be yours?

Make the final push by:

Your incentive $$$$:

  • Gold- First Place is a cash prize of $5,000
  • Silver- Second Place is a cash prize of $3,500
  • Bronze- Third Place is a cash prize of $1,500

Bot Camp winners…

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7 days ago

Reuse It (Or You May Lose It)

Kryon Botcamp

Reuse it (or you may lose it)   

One of the judging criteria is reusability giving you a really easy way to get extra points from the judges. Here are some tips on how to maximize your reusability score:  

  • Develop parts of your wizard so that they can be reused in other workflows. For example, automating a login screen or a form fill which can be used elsewhere. 
  • Give your wizards meaningful names. Of course, you can name it after your pet or your favorite Fortnite character, but we are looking for names that describe what the wizard does.   
  • Make sure your wizard description

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13 days ago

Don’t Wish for It. Work for It.

Hi Bot Camper,

Registering at KryonNet will earn you extra points AND give you valuable information. Use it to explore Kryon user guides and tips to help you create your winning wizard.  

You’ll also find a “How To” section, where Kryon experts share their best practices on things like how to read Google Sheets information or how to configure SAP to work with Advanced Commands. Learn from their mistakes and avoid your own. 

Can’t wait to see you step it up at Kryon Bot Camp.  

Your Bot Camp Colonel,  

Ayelet Gazit 



If you have any questions about the hackathon, please post…

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16 days ago

Reskill Yourself as an RPA Developer

Did you know that RPA and AI are rapidly growing technologies ideally positioned to meet the needs of today’s ‘new business’ normal? It's true! But there is still a gap between what top enterprises are demanding, and the skills available in today's market.

Embrace the change and re-skill yourself!

Join us to get all the details about potential career paths, the skills required, and the growing number of opportunities available for business analysts and certified RPA developers.

You don't have to take our word for it! Come hear Ed Handley, a newly minted RPA Developer of a large insurance company…

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