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9 months ago

Reuse It (Or You May Lose It)

Kryon Botcamp

Reuse it (or you may lose it)   

One of the judging criteria is reusability giving you a really easy way to get extra points from the judgesHere are some tips on how to maximize your reusability score 

  • Develop parts of your wizard so that they can be reused in other workflows. For example, automating a login screen or a form fill which can be used elsewhere. 
  • Give your wizards meaningful names. Of course, you can name it after your pet or your favorite Fortnite character, but we are looking for names that describe what the wizard does.   
  • Make sure your wizard description is clear to the user. Imagine that your wizard gets assigned to someone’s work queue – will they understand what it is and what it does? 
  • Name your steps. It may be tempting to skip this part, but take my word for it – it’s best that you don’t. You want each step and command to take you to the right place

Keep up the pace!

Ayelet Gazit
Bot Camp Colonel



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